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The travels of Calpico & Ramune

A yummy cup of hot fudge sundae on a chilly autumn afternoon.
Current Location: Ghirardelli Square, San Francisco.

A yummy cup of hot fudge sundae on a chilly autumn afternoon.

Current Location: Ghirardelli Square, San Francisco.

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We are two lone travellers aspiring to conquer the world one place at a time. We met on a warm day in Norcal and became closely acquainted despite our obvious differences. On that day we made a promise to share our love for food, art, and travel on this magical portal with the human people. We thus hope to inspire the same thirst for fun and adventure that our friendship bore within every animal and human people.
Calpico M. is a wanderer of the fog, an ambitious alpacasso of the San Francisco bay, whose adoration of early 20th century music and exotic travel destinations won numerous accolades in the form of coos from random strangers. Meanwhile, Ramune F. trods upon the eclectic pedestal that is New York City in search for the meaning of life as an outcast grizzly. Through the concrete padded avenues of Manhattan, Ramune navigates through the throng of confused tourists and pretentious locals to seek out the food, the fad, and the funky.